Annual Report 2019

About This Report

This review highlights the progress our company has made with the global dairy expertise of FrieslandCampina and the local knowledge of Engro. This combination has fortified our role as a leading dairy expert, and enabled us to achieve our business objectives. This year, we deepened the trust of our valued consumers by focusing on quality , innovation , accessibility and sustainability.

Our farmers are the backbone of our operations, and a vital partner in improving the state of nourishment in Pakistan. Our dairy development programmes empower our farmer community with training, tools and knowledge to improve their farm management and milk quality, thereby increasing their capacity, yield and livelihoods.

We are committed to providing the nation with affordable, safe and superior dairy products. This annual report highlights our commitment and elaborates how we have continued to realize our vision of creating value for our farmers, consumers and stakeholders for now and generations to come.

Messages from the Leadership

Chairman's Message

Abdul Samad Dawood

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CEO's Message

Ali Ahmed Khan

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Assuring Progress

For the year ended December 31th, 2019

Through our strong foothold in the local market, FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan is driven towards creating a sustainable supply chain. Our journey of nourishment helps communities reach their potential. We take great pride in our Dairy Development Programs for farmers. Designed to ensure inclusive growth and increased prosperity, we assist thousands of farmers by improving their farm management and milk quality. In 2019 alone, we have helped train 51,000+ farmers, enhancing their yield and creating sustainable livelihoods.

Our Brands Portfolio


Omoré celebrated its tenth year of operations in Pakistan in 2019, with a unique and expansive portfolio designed to excite consumers on a day-to-day basis. Omoré prides itself on novelty in a variety of formats with its stellar combinations of amazing tastes, textures, shapes, flavours and colours. Being an innovation trailblazer in the category, consumers can trust that Omoré will launch blockbuster products in imaginative flavours every year to make their summers fun and exciting!

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Launched in 2007 as a tea-whitener brand, Tarang stands for the perfect match for tea, offering affordability and a blissful experience. It gives every cup of tea the perfect blend of colour, aroma and taste for a great tea experience. With its vivacious, light-hearted and glamorous personality, Tarang has since inception, utilized the song and dance platform to connect with consumers to add joy to their routine lives

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Olper’s Milk

Olper’s was launched in 2006 as the flagship brand of FrieslandCampina Engro Pakistan Limited (previously known as Engro Foods Ltd) and has grown to become a leading player in the UHT milk category in Pakistan. This phenomenal success is rooted in our commitment to providing high quality nutrition and pure goodness to families across Pakistan. The focus on this journey has been on collecting fresh and pure milk from farms across Pakistan on a daily basis and ensuring that every pack of milk conforms to the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Olper’s Milk is free of preservatives, UHT treated and goes through a rigorous scrutiny of 28 different types of quality tests before reaching consumers. Olper’s stands as a favorite for mothers seeking pure and delicious nourishment for the health and wellbeing of their families. Olper’s has been the pioneer in innovation for the UHT category with multiple pack formats and sizes bringing convenience and accessibility to consumers. Whether for drinking, making tea or desserts, Olper’s is the ideal all-purpose milk that captures the major usages and consumption occasions for Milk in Pakistan.

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